IONICA SERVISS company produces installation of HVAC systems considering  the purpose and needs  of every single object. Also, based on the parameters of the building space and the needs of the customer, the installed system is adjusted to achieve maximum comfort, high productivity and minimum energy consumption.

testo-480-measuring-air-flow-in-ventilation-ducts_izAdjustment of the system is made according to preliminary calculations of the space  and specifics  of the each room and the type of air ductsIf the air circulation system is adjusted incorrectly, it is possible to observe an incorrect spreading of pressure in individual zones of the building, which leads to additional drafts in one zone and insufficient circulation of air in another. If the HVAC system is adjusted incorrectly it will lead to large losses of heat and electricity, insufficient air circulation, and in the end will become a reason of condensation in separate rooms. The “IONICA SERVISS” Company is able to solve any problem with the adjustment of existing ventilation and heating systems and also produces all the necessary calculations for the design of completely new systems with subsequent installation and adjustment.

The employees of the company have many years of experience in designing, installations and adjustment of BMS and HVAC systems. The “IONICA SERVISS” Copmpany is able to solve any problem at any project stage and time period. Our experts are ready to give a professional opinion and provide a competent solution to any task in extremely short terms with a clear justification and in an accessible language for any client.

For additional questions or requests according installation or adjustment of the BMS/HVAC system, please go to the “Contacts” section and fill the application form directly on our website. You can also call or visit “IONICA SERVISS” office, having previously agreed upon the visit by phone +371 673 500 15.