AERMEC is a leading global brand within air conditioning, offering products, services and green solutions which perfectly meet the most demanding market requirements. Discover what makes AERMEC unique as your ideal partner for all your air conditioning needs.

AERMEC was founded in 1961 with a mission which was quite ambitious at the time, provide well-being and comfort in all settings where people live and work.

AERMEC has since expanded its activities, targeting a multitude of markets as diverse as residential ambients, retail outlets, hotels, data centers, sport and leisure facilities, public buildings and healthcare, as well as numerous specific industrial applications.
Within this broad scenario AERMEC continues to focus its activities on constant attention to research and quality in order to develop technical solutions which ensure maximum satisfaction among its users. AERMEC’s competitive edge stems from answering the technological challenges posed by innovation, investing in processes and logistics and understanding the needs of individual customers.

There is no air conditioning challenge which AERMEC cannot solve. A complete range of product solutions stands out in terms of quality of design, materials and performance, capable of meeting all customer requirements within an array of specific applications. AERMEC’s broad product offering, with over 300 ranges available, features liquid chillers, heat pumps, fan coils, air handling units, split units, VRF systems, heat recovery equipment, rooftop units and more beyond. Every air conditioning requirement is addressed and solved in the AERMEC world, whose standard and customized products total over 10.000 configurations.

“IONICA SERVISS” is a long term AERMEC partners as well as AERMEC equipment suppliers and technical supporters.

“IONICA SERVISS” company provides AERMEC equipment maintenance and installation by trained and certified personal in AERMEC equipment units.