As well as the all of the industrial branch is developing every single day, the need of the automatic system that can control all of the technological process is increasing proportionally. At the same time, the widespread introduction of instruments and automation causes the need to organize a rational structure of operational automatic control of production processes at the facility and coordinate the interaction of individual production sites and the enterprise as a whole. To reflect these issues during the design of local control and automation systems, a structural control scheme is being developed first.

Automation of building engineering systems begins at the designd96381f3_s stage of any modern complex. The tasks of managing heating systems, power supply, water supply and sewerage, lighting, ICT, etc., are solved on the building project designing stage. The higher the functional load is, the more complex the automation of building engineering systems are: for example, in large retail, industrial and office complexes, specific tasks such as air conditioning, security, firefighting and telecommunications, etc. are added to the traditional tasks of building automation. Automation of buildings assumes that all elements of engineering systems, having their local control points, are combined into a common dispatching system of an intelligent Building Management System“IONICA SERVISS” creates intelligent systems of different levels, providing visualization and simple user access to all processes of internal building maintenance.

The development and design of Building Management Systems is one of the main profiles of “IONICA SERVISS” Company. The availability of partners offering components of automation systems, which are the most high-quality components of the existing on the market in the world at the moment, on which basis the high-tech BMS projects are created at the most reasonable prices, is one of the main advantages of the company.

All systems are developed with the long-term perspective taking into account. Our Building Management Systems help to reduce the consumption of the building resources by 20% -40%, which ultimately affects operating costs by reducing them. At the same time, using of our BMS system pays off in extremely fast terms.