The main task of an any ventilation system is to create a favorable micro-climatic conditions in the premises. The most important component of this process, of course, is high air quality. Unfortunately, it is not enough to have a new ventilation equipment  to meet all the necessary conditions and quality.

It is necessary  to organize planned preventive service and maintenance works to estimate the condition of the system and to identify any potential weaknesses of any system, regardless of size and capacity.

The front of planned works is regulated by the maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer. In some cases, the regulation can be supplemented according to the specific use of the vent installation or with respect to the service life of the machine.

The following services are being offered to the customers:

  • 24/7 service application acceptance

  • Engineer departure and system repair

  • Compulsory technical maintenance of the ventilation system and the system as a whole to control the technical condition.

These also include: the diagnostics of equipment, the identification of deterioration of parts (bearings, V-belts, air filters, etc.) and their replacement. All the work is being made by “IONICA SERVISS” Company’s operation service stuff.

It should be understood that any ventilation system has a sufficiently high price and it is in the interest of any customer to maintain the installation in good technical condition. It will help to save money on overhaul, the price of which is often higher than the cost of a new ventilation machine and also to extend  the service life of  the ventilation unit.


For additional questions or requests according installation or adjustment of the BMS/HVAC system, please go to the «Contacts» section and fill the application form directly on our website. You can also call or visit “IONICA SERVISS” office, having previously agreed upon the visit by phone +371 673 500 15.