“IONICA SERVISS” Company is working on Latvian market more than 10 years, providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. In cooperation with IONICA SYSTEMS, “IONICA SERVISS” carries out installation and engineering designs. “IONICA SERVISS” is one and only company in Baltic region, which created artificial ice production technology and successfully uses it since then.

The main field of working of the company is Building Management Systems. The main goal is to integrate new building automation solutions in to the most of the industrial buildings and also to create new industrial standard together with SIEMENS company. Main idea is to create Building Management System projects, that will help to save energy resources and make system maintenance more efficient.sp

“IONICA SERVISS” has unique experience in BMS design. All of our systems are recognizable by the quality, stability, optimal working efficiency and long term functioning. “IONICA SERVISS” automation systems have no analogue on the market, because no other company can combine above mentioned conditions.

Our employees have a lot of experience in ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as in the BMS design. All of the employees have experience, professional education and licenses that are required to be a part of the BMS working field and also are the best ones.

IONICA SERVISS” company provides following:

  1. A technical specialist’s call out to make all the needed calculations and evaluation.

  2. Ventilation and air conditioning design

  3. The most suitable, equipment order and delivery meeting all the client’s requirements.

  4. Installation and regulation.

  5. Technical service. Ventilation and air conditioning system repair and service. Split system repair and service.

  6. Existing ventilation system modernization.

  7. Equipment and system defect search.

  8. All type of existing system expertise.

As well as the market, “IONICA SERVISS” Company is developing and growing very fast, offering a wider range of the services and options for the clients.

There is no any ventilation or air conditioning connected problem that “IONICA SERVISS” Company could not solve.